Red Storm Rising on Google Maps

I have created a google map that follows the events that can be traced to a location in a Google Map. Hopefully I can update this map often as I re-read the chapters of Red Storm Rising.I am still tweaking the design a bit as I’m learning more and more about google maps, the following website helped me enormously: and of course google map API website as well.You can click here to view the page.Let me know what you think or give me any suggestions at -Mike

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2 Responses to Red Storm Rising on Google Maps

  1. dabber says:

    Awesome! I hope you get the later chapters taken care of. The one thing missing from Clancy’s book is a good map to follow the central European combats.

  2. DubaiAussie says:

    Great! I am re-reading for at least the 6th time and was checking out places on google earth myself wondering if anyone else had done the same. Hope you get this finished. Would be very cool to have it as a tour for Google Earth as well?!

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