Red Storm Rising Classic PC game (MS-Dos)

I totally forgot/ didn’t know that there was actually a game called Red Storm Rising for the PC (Published in 1989). As I was curious to see what the game was all about, I registered at the site and downloaded the game (here is the link:, to actually download the game you will have to visit a sponsor site and fly through some hoops).

In the game it is World War III (just like the book) and you play a United States Submarine captain tasked with stopping the Russian Navy. You can be a captain in different classes of submarines, such as the Los Angeles class, the Permit Class, etc.

I only played it briefly last night and got stuck at one of the screens because I did not know which keyboard commands to use.

The graphics of the game are horrible but then again the game was published in 1989 and alot has changed over the years.


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