Characters in Red Storm Rising

Character Name Profession / Military rank Description Country
Ibrahim Tolkaze Scientist/Terrorist. The leader of a small group of Muslim terrorists that blew up an oil refinery near the town of Nizhnevartovsk. Azerbaijan
Rasul MVD Sergeant/Terrorist. One of the other terrorists helping Tolkaze blow up an oil refinery unknown
Mohammet Terrorist. Third Terrorist unknown
Nikolay Barsov Engineer One of the scientist on duty in the master control room of the oil refinery Russian
Colonel Burnette Colonel Duty officer of the Satellite Control Facility who informed NORAD of the oil refinery explosion American
Mikhail Sergetov Candidate Politburo member Mikhail Eduordovich Sergetov is the Candidate Politburo member that is responsible for the energy production and distribution. He flew to Nizhnevartovsk. to find out first hand what the situation is at the oil refinery. Mikhail Sergetov is 54 years old. Russian
Bob Toland Intelligence Analyst Bob Toland is an Intelligence Analyst working for the National Security Agency. American
Marshal Andrey Shavyrin Chief of the General Staff Chief of the General Staff Marshal Andrey Shavyrin is the head of all the Russian Military. Russian
Marshal Yuri Rozhkov Commander in Chief Commander in Chief Marshal Yuri Rozhkov is the head of the Russian ground forces. Russian
Marshal Bukharin Lieutenant General/Marshal When he was still a Lieutenant General, Marshal Bukharin led the Soviet Army into Afghanistan, even though Afghanistan was a disaster his political connections saved him. Russian
Commander McCafferty Commander Commander Daniel X. McCafferty is the Captain of the USS Chicago, a nuclear powered attack submarine. American
Pavel Alekseyev Deputy Commander Deputy Commander of the Southwestern Theater Pavel Alekseyev is the only son of a World War II tank General . His career was carefully helped along by Marshal Rozhkov. Russian
Admiral Maslov Admiral Admiral Maslov is the Commander in Chief of the Soviet Navy. Russian
Ed Morris Commander Commander Ed Morris is the captain a Frigate the FF-1094 American

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