United States Navy Ranks

The following table shows the ranks used in the United States Navy. The order of rank is from lowest to highest rank.

Rank Collar Sleeve Pay Grade Abbreviation Enlisted/Officer
Seaman Recruit None None E-1 SR Enlisted
Seaman Apprentice None E-2 SA Enlisted
Seaman None E-3 SN Enlisted
Petty Officer
Third Class
None E-4 PO3 Enlisted
Petty Officer
Second Class
None E-5 PO2 Enlisted
Petty Officer
First Class
None E-6 PO1 Enlisted
Chief Petty Officer E-7 CPO Enlisted
Senior Chief
Petty Officer
E-8 SCPO Enlisted
Master Chief
Petty Officer
E-9 MCPO Enlisted
Master Chief
Petty Officer
of the Navy
E-9 MCPON Enlisted
Chief Warrant Officer W-2 CWO2 Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer W-3 CWO3 Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer W-4 CWO4 Warrant Officer
Chief Warrant Officer W-5 CWO5 Warrant Officer
Ensign O-1 ENS Officer
Junior Grade
O-2 LTJG Officer
Lieutenant O-3 LT Officer
O-4 LDCR Officer
Commander O-5 CDR Officer
Captain O-6 CAPT Officer
Rear Admiral
(lower half)
O-7 RDML Officer
Rear Admiral
(upper half)
O-8 RADM Officer
Vice Admiral O-9 VADM Officer
Admiral O-10 ADM Officer
Fleet Admiral (for War time only) Special FADM Officer

Rank Insignia and descriptions are from the following two wikipedia pages: EnlistedOfficers

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