Date: 01-31-198?

In Chapter One the terrorists attack the oil refinery in this town.

The town of Nizhnevartovsk

NizhnevartovskyThe Russian town of Nizhnevartovsk is located in the Nizhnevartovsky district of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug region. Nizhnevartovsk is situated next to the Ob River.

As early as 1909 people collected firewood on the location where the town is situated now. In 1924 the town was first settled, the search for oil started in the area in 1951. In 1965 oil was discovered and the population started to grow rapidly. The settlement officially became a “Town” in 1972. Currently there are over 241,000 people living in Nizhnevartovsk.

The oil discovery in 1965 became part of the Samotlor oil field which now has over 16000 drill wells. The area produces 57.7% of all the oil in Russia and approximate 7% of the total oil production in the world. Gas is also found in this region and accounts for 4% of the total gas production in Russia.

Currently there are over 50 companies producing oil in the Okrug region.



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The first novel I will be researching is Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy. I am quite a Tom Clancy fan. His novel The Hunt for Red October started me reading years ago.

Red Storm Rising is a fictional novel about World War III started by the USSR after a Moslem terrorist attack, which left them with a severe oil shortage. The leaders of the USSR believe the only logical solution to the crisis is to take the oil by force from the Persian Gulf. The book vividly illustrates the war through the eyes of several individuals on both sides of the fence.