Another thought…

Imagine this scenario:

You are the proud owner of a new iPod Touch or iPhone and downloaded an audio book from to listen too. Lets say you downloaded a fictional novel and the story talks about fighter pilots and their planes.

So you are happily listening along and the story talks about an F-14 fighter plane taking off from an aircraft carrier, after the sentence ends the audio player pauses. You look at the screen of your audio player and there is a button that indicates a video is available, you press the button. After you press the button the audio player displays a movie of an F-14 fighter plane taking off from, you guessed it, an aircraft carrier.

How cool would that be?

Of course if you do not press the button the story will just continue for your listening pleasures.Can you imagine if this technology was added to a download of Dan Brown’s

the Da Vinci Code

You would be able to see a clear picture of the Mona Lisa or the last supper, track the path the two main characters travel on Google maps, reference material from the Knights Templar, etc.It is almost like an interactive game.. or interactive TV…

just some ideas…

– mike

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